Vacuum Hot Pressing Furnace


The vacuum hot pressing furnace is mainly composed of furnace body, furnace door, heating & insulation system and temperature measuring system, vacuum system, inflation system, water cooling system, control system, hydraulic system etc.


Main functions and features:

The vacuum hot pressing furnace is a complete set of equipment for hot press forming materials under vacuum (or other atmosphere), mainly using resistive heating, and the pressure head driven by the cylinder is pressurized up and down. At high temperature, the solid particles of ceramic green bodies are bonded to each other, the grains grow, the voids (pores) and the grain boundaries gradually decrease,then total volume shrinks and density increases by material transferring, and finally becomes a dense polycrystalline sintered body which is with a certain microstructure. So that the material is pressed into shape.

Furnace body is designed in strictly accordance with the national vacuum standard, the opening, closing and locking operation of furnace door are simple, flexible, safe and reliable. Absolute pressure of max. inflation in the furnace is less than 0.05 MPA.

The furnace shell is round, and 304 stainless steel double-layer water-cooled jacket structure. The pressure rising rate is less than 2.0 Pa/h.

The system is equipped with an exhaust gas protection device that prevents gas overpressure.

An observation window is installed on furnace body, and the thermocouple can be switched automatically.

The furnace motor uses water-cooled electrodes. Heating element and insulation layer can be selected according to the process requirement, such as tungsten, molybdenum and graphite.

Control system includes thermocouple, intelligent temperature controller, programmable controller (PLC), power regulator, heating transformer, vacuum gauge and recorder. It is the main components in power supply system with functions of power supply, control, recording, monitoring and alarm protection.


The equipment combines vacuum/atmosphere, hot press forming and high temperature sintering, and is suitable for high temperature thermoforming of new materials such as powder metallurgy and functional ceramics.

Such as vacuum sintering of transparent ceramics, industrial ceramics, metals and alloys materials composed of refractory metals, high temperature sintering of ceramic materials, silicon carbide and silicon nitride, it also can be used for heat treatment at temperatures below the melting point of powders or compacts, the aim is to increase the strength by metallurgical bonding between the particles.



1. Model: SRY-2300

2. Furnace body structure: SS304 double shell with water cooling

3. Type: Vertical, up loading

4. Heating mode: electric resistance heating

5. Working size: ф60x60mm, ф100x100mm, ф160x160mm, ф200x200mm, ф250x250mm, ф300x300mm

6. Display mode: Touch screen LCD

7. Max. temperature: 2300  

8. Heating element: tungsten, molybdenum and graphite

9. Max. vacuum: 6.67*10-3pa

10. Pressure rising rate: 2pa/h

11. Working pressure: 5T, 10T, 20T, 30T, 50T, 100T

12. Pressure of cooling water: 0.2-0.4MPa

13. Optional accessories: Crucibles, heating element, vacuum pump, chiller, cooling tower

14. Standard accessories: sealings, manual

15. Optional vacuum system: diffusion pump system, molecular pump system, mechanical pump system

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