Digital Brinell hardness tester

Multi-function digital display Brinell hardness tester adopts imported components ensure equipment running more stable and test result is more accurate; powerful data measurement control system accompanying with 5.6 inch LCD screen function is more comprehensive, this machine is simple and easy to operation, the appearance is high end, is the ideal choice for high requirement client.


Main function and features:

1. Equipped with Japan Omron encoder digital display micrometer eyepiece and precise data calculating system, only gently touch can directly show the hardness value.

2. Equipped with sophisticated sensors and a microcomputer control system, dynamic force value fluctuation is less than 1/1000, test results are more accurate.

3. The main components adopt brand such as American 3M, Allegro, Japan Omron and NKK, to ensure the equipment running stably for a long time.

4. Equipped with high performance of servo motor which automatically load/unloading, it cause the less noise when do test.

5. Designed by our institution engineer that make the optical system imaging more clearer, brightness is adjustable, comfortable vision, its not easy to fatigue for long time operation.

6. Input the indentation diameter, hardness value is displayed directly, and can display conversion hardness value at the same time, avoid the inconvenience of looking up table.

7. The industry LCD screen can be visual display hardness value, hardness unit, conversion hardness, testing force, indenter type, the required minimum thickness, load time, measurement times, and the test process is intuitive and clear, built-in printer can print out measured times, hardness value, average, maximum and minimum values, range for the customer to archive.

8. Optinal to connect with data transmission software, through RS232 interface will transfer host measurement data to the computer to edit and save.

9. The shell is one step casting molding with special foundry process, stable structure and no deformation, can work under relatively harsh environment; Pure white car painting and its class is high, have scratch resistance ability, its still brightness used for years.

10. We have our own research and development design, production and processing ability, our machines provide life-long time parts replacement and maintenance upgrade services.


Main application:

1. Brinell hardness with huge test force, the indentation is large, which adapts to test the big size grain metal, reflecting the combination property.

2. Cast iron, steel, ferrous metal especially for rather soft metal, such as pure aluminum, lead, tin etc.


Technical parameters


MHBD-3000P  ( Approved by CE certificate, ensure the safety operation of the machine. Certificate No.: GB/1067/3980/12 Issue 1)

Brinell scale


HBW10/250, HBW10/500,HBW10/1000,HBW10/1500,HBW10/3000

Test force

62.5kgf(612.9N),100kgf (980.7N),125kgf (1226N),187.5kgf (1839N),250kgf (2452N),500kgf (4903N),750kgf (7355N),1000kgf (8907N),1500kgf (14710N),3000kgf (29420N)

LCD Screen size


Minimum measuring unit


Hardness data read

Digital LCD

Hardness range


Total amplification times


Load method

Automatic(load, dwell, unload)

Dwell time

1~99S  each step is 1 second

Specimen maximum height allowed


Throat depth


Instrument size and weight

53187×758mm (L×W×H)     135kg

Package size and weight

625x430x950mm(L×W×H)      149kg

Power supply

AC220V + 5%, 50~60 Hz     AC110V available

Executive standard

GB/T231.2 National standard   ASTM E10   ISO6506

JJG150 inspection rules

Standard accessories

1 piece:

Hardness tester; 20X Omron digital measuring eyepiece ;Φ2.5,Φ5m,Φ10mm harden alloy indenter ; big, medium and “V” test table ; hand wrench; safety fuse; power cable ; accessory box; dust-proof cover ; manual instruction, certificate of quality ; warranty card; hardness conversion table.

2 piece:

Standard hardness block 

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