Multifunction digital Rockwell hardness tester

Multifunction digital Rockwell hardness tester has high level automation, stable and reliable performance, it is equipped with sophisticated sensors so that can test data more accurate ;

5.6 inch digital LCD screen provide comprehensive data for quality control.


Main function and features 

1.  Equip with sophisticated sensors, more accurate test results, leading load structure design, can easily switch test force;

2. It is automatic to test when the workbench lift up to certain height, then indicate the hardness value and test data directly;

3. With Chinese and English operation interface, can be set in test method quickly, the upgraded control system is more stable;

4. Indicate the hardness value, hardness unit, conversion hardness, test force, indenter type, minimum thickness, dwell time, test number, test process on the LCD screen directly; Built-in printer, it can print out the test data directlybuilt-in printer can print the measure count, hardness value, average value, maximum and minimum values, range data for our customer;

5. One-time casted molding shell, stable structure and it is not easy to be out of shape. It can work under harsh environment; the shell coating adopted car paint technology with white color. it has strong scratch resistance capability and still look bright as new after use many years;

6. Factory directly supply, we have products develop &design & produce ability, all the parts provide life-time replacement and maintenance service;



Main Application:

Hardened steel, quenched and tempered steel, annealing steel, bearing steel, strip steel, hardened steel sheet, hard alloy, etc.;


Technical parameter


HRS-150D ( CE certificate, Certificate number: GB / 1067/3980/12 Issue 1)

Rockwell scale


Conversion scale

HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRF, HV, HK, HBW, H15N, H30N, H45N, H15T, H30T, H45T

Preliminary test force


Total test force

60Kg (588N), 100Kg (980N), 150Kg (1471N)

Tolerance range:±1.0%

LCD screen size




Hardness value range

HRA:2088  HRB:20100  HRC:2070  

Hardness data read

Digital LCD screen

Loading method

Automatic (Load, Dwell ,Unload)

Dwell time

199S, each step: 1 second

Allowed specimen measurement space

Maximum height :170mm

Maximum throat depth:130mm

(There is another heightened type, which is allowed maximum height 400mm)

Size / weight

Instrument size:460*160*660mm  (L×W×H)  / Net Weight: 85kg

Packing size: 625*430*900mm  (L×W×H)  / Gross Weight: 95kg

Power supply

AC220V + 5%, 50~60 Hz; (can change to 110V)

Data output

Built-in printer

Executive standard

GB/T230.2, ASTM E18, ISO 6508, JJG112

Standard accessories

Rockwell hardness tester host: 1 set

Diamond Rockwell indenter: 1 pc

1.588mm diameter hard alloy steel ball indenter: 1 pc,

Standard hardness block: 3pcs

Large testing table: 1 pc

Medium testing table: 1 pc

V-shaped testing table: 1 pc, 

1.588 mm diameter steel ball : 5 pcs

Power cable: 1 pc ,  Dust-proof cover: 1 pc,  Accessory case : 1 pc

Operating instruction : 1pc   Quality certificate : 1 pc

Warranty card : 1 pc.

Optional accessories

Block, Indenter


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